Make Asia-Pacific weak again

What a Trump presidency means for peace and stability in our region.


Four decades of a Malay myth

The 'Lazy Native' at 40 can’t speak English and is a gangster on wheels, writes  Masturah Alatas.


Academia absentia?

Podcast explores academia's disconnect with the public in a post-truth world.

Illustration: Pep Montserrat/The National

Duterte and Donald’s ctrl-alt-delete

Will resetting the US-Philippines relationship put a stop to souring relations?


Language shaming in Malaysia

Tan Zi Hao takes a look at stammering tongues and postcolonial imperialism.


Two sides of the same coin

Public service in a patron-client government.


A matter of principles

Pancagila’s ‘five crazy principles’ and a rising challenge for Indonesia’s ideology.

This young woman arrived in Indonesia after Australia's decision to cease accepting refugees through UNHCR Indonesia. She has family in Australia but it is unlikely she will be able to move there.

Living in limbo

The forgotten refugees of Indonesia.


A new leaf for land rights?

Seeing the forest for the trees when it comes to indigenous rights in Indonesia.


Old men and the abuse of Thai youth

Andrew MacGregor Marshal reflects on what is wrong with Thailand's annual "Children's Day".


Indonesia and ‘transparent sex’

How the fight against LGBT has become a fight against feminism.


Reclaiming halal

Food, faith, power and big business in Malaysia.