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Cambodia’s death squads

Human Rights Watch released a sizzling report today that details the Hun Sen regime's three-decade history of extrajudicial killings.


Cambodia, Thailand and the ASEAN Way

The ASEAN way, which includes the ‘non-intervention’ principle and consensus-based decision-making, has weakened any possibility of intervention in the now-receding border conflict.

Norodom Sihanouk

A much misunderstood monarch

It has become politically correct to write in such manner that everything the late King Norodom Sihanouk achieved for his people has to be belittled.


Counterpunch: Pol Pot wasn’t so bad

The notorious Holocaust denier, Israel Shamir, has been making the rounds among Cambodia watchers this week. This time, he's praising Pol Pot!


Interview with director of Enemies of the People

Following the special edition DVD release of Enemies of the People, I caught up with the film’s British co-producer and director Rob Lemkin, to discuss his views on the film and its contribution to history, dialogue, and reconciliation in Cambodia.