Blind spot in Buddhist Studies

Eisel Mazard looks closely at the relationship between Buddhist Studies and contemporary politics in Southeast Asia

Securitisation of Australian Aid

Tim Frewer argues the Australian aid industry is captured by those who will pursue the logic of security on behalf of Australians

Asylum seekers, refugees and Cambodia’s “national” interest

Scott Rawlinson looks at the paradoxical nature of Cambodia's approach to asylum seekers and refugees.

Revisiting Cambodia’s peace

Sovannarith Keo looks at the persistence of violence and disquiet 18 years after the Paris Peace Agreement

Watch the border…

Doug Krugman suggests Thailand and Cambodia need reminding that renewed violence would not be welcome

Reflections on Tuol Sleng

David Hopkins reflects on Tuol Sleng and explores the different meanings attached to it by political elites, tourists and ordinary Cambodians.

New Mandala’s top posts in 2013

Elections, prime-ministers, princes, riots and penises - New Mandala had it all in 2013. Here are our most popular stories for the year.

Strikes, violence and modernity

Tim Frewer examines the tension between labour and coercive power in Cambodia today

Angkor revisited

Jame DiBiasio argues the story of Angkor turns out to be far more fluid than the stone remains suggest

Cambodia’s inverted mandala?

Colum Graham presents an intriguing map based on an analysis of Cambodia's 2013 election results

Rethinking Cambodia’s political transformation

Kimly Ngoun argues that Hun Sen has become a victim of his own success as political attitudes in Cambodia are shaped by new aspirations.

Election time in Cambodia

In recent months there have been signs of stress on the Cambodian political machinery, argues Tim Frewer.

New work on Southeast Asian monarchies

The current issue of Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia deals with the sensitive, yet significant, topic of monarchies in the region

Sihanouk’s legacy

No-one in the modern history of Southeast Asia has had such a continuous and lasting effect on the politics of their country than the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia.

Southeast Asia noir

Artist Chris Coles explores the world of Southeast Asian noir.

Sihanouk’s revenge

Part 2 of an extended interview with Milton Osborne about the controversial politics of Norodom Sihanouk whose funeral ceremonies have commenced in Phnom Penh.

Norodom Sihanouk’s wonderful, horrible life

An interview with Milton Osborne about the policies, charisma and brutality of Norodom Sihanouk

Lunching with mass murderers

Nate Thayer, the final journalist to interview Pol Pot before his death in 1998, offers a glimpse into his conversations with former Khmer Rouge leaders.

Obama in Cambodia and Myanmar

A former American diplomat in Cambodia and Myanmar reflects on the trickiness of Obama's visit.

Cambodia’s death squads

Human Rights Watch released a sizzling report today that details the Hun Sen regime's three-decade history of extrajudicial killings.

Cambodia, Thailand and the ASEAN Way

The ASEAN way, which includes the ‘non-intervention’ principle and consensus-based decision-making, has weakened any possibility of intervention in the now-receding border conflict.

A much misunderstood monarch

It has become politically correct to write in such manner that everything the late King Norodom Sihanouk achieved for his people has to be belittled.

Counterpunch: Pol Pot wasn’t so bad

The notorious Holocaust denier, Israel Shamir, has been making the rounds among Cambodia watchers this week. This time, he's praising Pol Pot!

Interview with director of Enemies of the People

Following the special edition DVD release of Enemies of the People, I caught up with the film’s British co-producer and director Rob Lemkin, to discuss his views on the film and its contribution to history, dialogue, and reconciliation in Cambodia.