Jokowi’s Papua policy deeply flawed

Disconnect between Jakarta and provinces could widen under current presidency.

Morality and LGBT rights in Indonesia

Homophobic local bylaws make a marginalised community more vulnerable.

Ryamizard’s proxy wars

Muhamad Haripin on the dangers of linking LGBT rights in Indonesia with war.

To TPP or not to TPP – that is Jokowi’s question

Should he sign up to the world’s largest trade agreement?

Polishing the plin-plan president

Jokowi may look good in batik but he ain't cut out for the president's office, writes Duncan Graham.

Unity in (sexual) diversity?

Indonesia's five 'founding' principles wrongly used to deny rights to same-sex people, writes Kate Walton.

Indonesia’s Israeli passport pain

Public take exception to visa exemption.

Jakarta and terrorism’s top dogs

Latest attack an attempt to create new leadership among Southeast Asia’s militants.

Indonesian fires lit by dysfunctional democracy

Corrupt and greedy local leaders must be checked to avoid more disasters.

An escapist view of extremism

Is exporting Indonesian culture the solution to Islamic extremism?

Daesh, Islam Nusantara and shades of grey

How tolerant is Indonesia's answer to Islamic State?

So near, so far and growing apart

What's to blame for poor Australia-Indonesia relations, asks Duncan Graham.

Papua’s time bomb

Land politics, clan rivalry and fear in a troubled region.

Democratic contraction in Southeast Asia

Bridget Welsh surveys the rise of a worrying trend in the region.

New Mandala’s 2015 in review (and Christmas dance)

Scandals, succession, secret payments and more; here are our top articles for the year, and some festive dancing.

Indonesia’s Freeport saga

Ideology, rent seeking, and a lucrative mine contract.

Pluralism imperiled in Southeast Asia

Rise of identity politics could mean more violence.

Ben Anderson: the one and only

Ariel Heryanto pays tribute to the late scholar and his ongoing legacy.

Spectre of the past

Tortured Timor still bears wounds 40 years after Indonesia’s invasion.

Photo: Iker Etxebarria Urkaregi on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/etxebaiker/

What is “Islamism”?

Clive Kessler charts the rise of political Islam and what it means today.

The cruelest cut

Why Indonesia must ban the harmful practice of female genital cutting.

Of murder, memory, corruption and power

A conversation with Joshua Oppenheimer on Indonesia's 1965 massacre.

Money politics and the prisoner’s dilemma

Vote buying to 'prevent' corruption prevalent in Indonesia.

Statement of support for Michael Buehler

Academics across the globe show solidarity for SOAS Indonesian politics expert, his work and academic freedom.