Stopover charm is not enough

Real change in the Australia-Indonesia relationship won’t come through speed dating writes Duncan Graham.

When Turnbull came to town

Ross Tapsell reports on Australian PM's fly in, fly out visit to Jakarta.

Soal lobi, pertanyaan yang belum dijawab

Michael Buehler memberikan respon tambahan yang penting untuk artikelnya yang sebelumnya dimuat di New Mandala

Lobbyist questions still unanswered

Michael Buehler provides an important follow-up to his New Mandala article, 'Waiting in the White House lobby'.

A burning issue

Forest fires in Indonesia: looking for reform amid the haze.

Waiting in the White House lobby

Did US lobbyists get $80,000 of Indonesian taxpayers' money ahead of Jokowi's dismal visit?

A man and a myth: Jokowi’s first year in power

Assessing the Indonesia president and his rule.

Shining a light on police complicity in 1965

Katharine McGregor and Jemma Purdey look at the Ubud cancellations, the police and Indonesia's 1965 massacre.

Photo: Dino Ahmad Ali on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/dinoowww/

A war on words, a murder of memory

Dark days return to Indonesia, with censorship of its dark past.

General Suharto (second from left) and other army officers attend the funeral of their slain comrades in 1965.

Censorship and the forbidden past

Hamish McDonald reflects on the censorship of events marking Indonesia's 1965 massacre.

Australians Myuran Sukumaran (left) and Andrew Chan were executed in April for drug-related offences. Photo: Reprieve.org

Flawed justice on death row

Amnesty International's Papang Hidayat outlines Indonesia's troubling legal flaws.

Deputy Speaker of the House Fadli Zon poses with Donald Trump during a tour of the US. The meeting last month caused much controversy in Indonesia. Photo: @fadlizon on Twitter

Jakarta’s junkets cost the nation

Less touring, more studying would serve Indonesian politicians well, argues Elizabeth Pisani.

‘Lesbianism’ and detention in Aceh

Recent arrests reveal worrying signs of increasing religiosity and conservatism.

Why we still need SBY

Rather than a swansong, karaoke king and former president should deliver an encore.

Weapons and wealth in the Gulf

Jokowi heads to the UAE for arms (and more).

Photo: Chez Juliun Livre 1 on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/julius_singara/

Mystery of Indonesia’s coup continues

New light fails to brighten Indonesia’s darkest days.

Mass killings and memory

Robert Cribb, Ariel Heryanto and Ross Tapsell discuss Indonesia's 1965-66 failed coup and atrocities.

Indonesia’s forgotten genocide

Fear still reigns 50 years after failed coup and mass killings.

Independence and interventions

Australia’s 1999 mission to East Timor and lessons for today.

ASEAN can learn from Europe’s refugee crisis

Refugee crises must be met by the power and spirit of regionalism.

BP, security and human rights in West Papua

How global companies influence human rights protection.

Food and land: Indonesia’s prickly choice

Indonesia needs to urgently help the rural poor access food and maximise land use, argues John McCarthy.

The medium of people power

In the wake of Malaysia's Bersih 4 rally, Ross Tapsell looks at the rise of drone journalism & social media in Southeast Asia.

Jakarta’s day of destruction

In this photo essay, Ray Yen captures powerful images of Kampung Pulo's demolition.