Beef and prejudice

Australian responses to cattle slaughter in Indonesia and Vietnam show our bias when it comes to our neighbours.

Rohingya crisis: nothing from nothing

Friday's summit in Bangkok achieved little. It also shows that states that can’t help others, can’t help themselves.

Indonesia and the Rohingya: de-legitimising democracy?

How the Asian migrant crisis is putting democratic credentials to the test.

The empire strikes back

Indonesia's oligarchs are flexing their muscles. But to what extent were they defeated by Jokowi in the first place?

A missing boat and a missing voice

How the Rohingya have been cast adrift by all and sundry.

Looking ahead: Australia-Indonesia relations

Calm, change and collaboration key to repairing tested ties, writes Felicity Norman.

Withering on the vine of public opinion

The missed opportunity of aid cuts to Indonesia.

Counting the cost

How significant are Australian aid cuts to Indonesia?

Flying the flag of reform?

The release of political prisoners in Papua raises more questions than answers.

Press freedom in Papua?

Ross Tapsell examines the significance of foreign journalists being allowed into Indonesia's Papua provinces.

Coins collected for Australian after comments on aid to Indonesia made by PM Tony Abbott.

Australia-Indonesia: the view from Jakarta

Pierre Marthinus on Canberra's clear lack of intellectual and cultural competence.

The power of redemption

Can Jokowi recover from Australian and international outrage?

Shot through the heart

The case of drug offenders on death row shows that a lack of compassion in Indonesia and Australia wins the day (and ends lives).

Dealing in death: Indonesia’s drug executions

Insight on drugs, the death penalty and the execution of foreigners in Indonesia

Myruan Sukumaran (right), self portrait and portrait of fellow Australian death-row inmate, Andrew Chan. Image by Ben Quilty.

Indonesia: the quality of justice

When it comes to drugs, it's death for foreigners and leniency for locals, writes Hamish McDonald.

“Children of the revolution” to revolutionary grandchildren?

Ruediger Korff examines the challenges of generational change in Southeast Asia.

Shooting the messengers? Journalists in Indonesia

A new book on Australian journalists in Indonesia poses some tough questions about the bi-lateral relationship. Hamish McDonald reports.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate

Megawati takes a swipe at her party's president at the PDI-P congress in Bali.

Jokowi: modern man of the people or divine clown?

From high hopes to dashed expectations - Joko Widodo's aura is already tainted.

A fatal mistake

Having accepted the validity of Indonesian laws it is still important to recognise their flaws from both a humanitarian and academic point of view.

Strategic imperatives for Australia-Indonesia relations

According to John Blaxland, clemency for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has a solid strategic rationale

The unfulfilled promise of Joko Widodo

New Mandala talks to Indonesia politics expert Greg Fealy about whether everyone got it wrong when it came to Jokowi

KPK v Polri: a proxy conflict?

Is the battle between Indonesia's corruption commission and national police a sign of the difficulties to come for President Jokowi, asks Jacqueline Hicks.

Why executions won’t win Indonesia’s drug war

Keeping death row inmates alive one of the best chances of success in Joko Widodo’s war on drugs