Ahok’s absurd trial won’t satisfy anybody

Prosecutors' request for a suspended sentence for Ahok underscores what a political farce the legal process has been.

Jakarta: inequality and the poverty of elite pluralism

Framing Jakarta's election as a referendum on Indonesian pluralism is a way to avoid addressing inequalities of political and economic power.

Slashing livelihoods

How poor policy understanding of slash and burn farming has impacted communities.

Reactionary Islamism in Indonesia

How memes mobilise emotions and people.

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How the government's policy is a loss for the disabled community.

R.I.P orange bajaj

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The Aceh Party’s Defeat

The Aceh Party needs revolutionary internal change.

Battling Indonesia’s declining revenues

Battling ongoing challenges with tax administration.

PDIP and Jakarta Governor Elections 2017

What must Ahok-Djarot do in order to win the second-round?


Indonesian women need local solutions

Obstacles to gender equality in Indonesia.

The challenge after the Indonesia local elections

Shaping the performance accountability of elected political leaders.

Disability discrimination in Indonesia

Lack of inclusivity keeping down the disabled.


West Papua worries

Why West Papua remains a sore point in the relationship between Canberra and Jakarta.


Piercing the corrupt corporate veil

Can Indonesia roll its way out of another corruption scandal?

Blocking Papua from the Truth

How Indonesia continues to suppress press freedom in Papua.

Indonesia’s restive regions still troubled

Aceh and Papua still seek development and peace.

No business in business

Where to go next for the stalled debate on Indonesia's SOEs?

Love thy neighbour

Why Indonesia and Australia must acknowledge their secret shared history.

Is hardline Islam really rising in Indonesia?

How Jokowi has kept hardliners in check.

Over the rainbow

Why the LGBT label runs the risk of erasing other non-normative sexual identities in Indonesia.

Hanging on by a ‘sin’ and a prayer

Why Ahok should brace for more racial and religious politics in Jakarta's race for governor.

Interpreting the Jakarta election

An unusual test case for tolerance in Indonesia and Ahok's resilience.

A good day’s work

Why Southeast Asia should be worried about Trump's pick for Secretary of Labor.

The missing middle

What happened to Indonesia's moderate Islamic voices?