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Counting the cost of 1MDB

Podcasts from a panel discussion on Malaysia's political polarisation.


Orangutans and ‘non-human’ rights

Should we recognise humanity in another species?


The seeds of hope

How a grassroots voting project could revive Malaysia's democracy.

A Manilia slum. Photo by Adam Cohn on flickr.

Urban exclusion in Southeast Asia

When it comes to urban planning, lines of exclusion and inclusion need to be redrawn.


Malaysia’s political polarisation

ANU public seminar to examine deepening crisis.


Personalities and institutional power in Malaysia

An authoritarian system set up to let unpopular and weak leaders rule -- no matter what.

Photo: maslee soon on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/mase_photo/

The politics of hudud in Malaysia

Islamic parties need politics and theology that appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Photo by Lim Huey Teng/ Malaysiakini

Not business as usual in Malaysia

Najib and nation both bruised by new and rough political terrain, writes Bridget Welsh.

Photo: EPA

Silencing the media in Malaysia

Is there any chancing of ending a long history of stifling free speech?


A pressing concern

Amrita Malhi examines what's behind the expulsion of Australian media from Malaysia.


Mahathir no solution for Malaysia’s mess

Hopping into bed with former PM is an act of narrow-interest desperation.


Why Najib Razak is still in power

A flawed political system and power vacuum keeps scandal-hit PM in office.


Nightclubs and nepotism in Singapore

PM's son crashes the party, everyone else goes home.


An education in captivity

Edith Mirante reports on a Malaysian boarding school escape with tragic consequences.


Ritualism and the erosion of human rights

States in the Asia-Pacific increasingly pay lip service to protections they sign up to.


Najib and Malaysia’s road to redemption?

There could be even darker times ahead for Malaysia's democracy, writes Amrita Malhi.

Human rights. Indonesia 2009. Photo: Josh Estey

Region’s human rights watchdogs lack bite

National institutions aren't protecting anyone, new report shows.


Muslim politics is not subsuming Malaysian politics

Manjit Bhatia offers a response to Ooi Kok-Hin.


The rise and rise of Muslim politics

Political Islam will shape Malaysia more and more, argues Kok-Hin Ooi.


Sarawak’s Wayang Kulit

In the lead up to state elections, old masters still rule from the shadows.


Democratic contraction in Southeast Asia

Bridget Welsh surveys the rise of a worrying trend in the region.

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New Mandala’s 2015 in review (and Christmas dance)

Scandals, succession, secret payments and more; here are our top articles for the year, and some festive dancing.


Pluralism imperiled in Southeast Asia

Rise of identity politics could mean more violence.