Political Islam

Voting for Islamisms beyond the ballot box

Political Islam at GE14 isn't just a race between parties as democratisation throws up alliances and fractures to define Muslim society.

As GE14 draws near…or, why hold elections?

Closer scrutiny of Malaysian elections since the era of Najib Razak's father can sharpen the contrasts over winning—and losing—legitimacy.

A ‘Malay Malaysia’, but in what sense Islamic?

The Najib government needs to win new legitimacy at GE14 if it's to juggle Malay, Islamic, and royal claims, amid a restive East Malaysia.

Photo: Iker Etxebarria Urkaregi on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/etxebaiker/

What is “Islamism”?

Clive Kessler charts the rise of political Islam and what it means today.

Is Malaysia an “Islamic State”?

Malaysia is not an Islamic state. It simply has a government that claims absolute monopoly on religious authority.

A response to UiTM’s seminar presenters

A Christian perspective of the Trinity.

Overstating Islamic extremism – a response

A short comment on the use of surveys and the interpretations of the results in the "Extremism in the name of Islam and Malaysian Muslims" article.