Will Myanmar’s march to democracy trip up?

2017 Myanmar Update to examine whether the country can overcome obstacles to reform.

Optimism and despair in Myanmar

Obstacles remain as Aung San Suu Kyi enters second year in power.

Legacies matter in 2017 Myanmar

Gerard McCarthy reviews Marie Lall's Understanding reform in Myanmar.

Brewing anew in Burma

Raising a glass to the country's first craft beer brewery.

A personal tribute to U Ko Ni

Melissa Crouch reflects on the life and legacy of Myanmar’s legal voice of conscience.

Of Whigs and dams

'Watershed' moments and marches to democracy.

The Rohingya crisis and Suu Kyi’s chance

International pressure could help overcome domestic limitations.

Is Ma Ba Tha really in decline?

Why an 'emotional story' explains the group's continued relevance.

2017 Myanmar Update

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Tough year for human rights in Southeast Asia

2016 was not a good year for the region's civil liberties, writes Bridget Welsh.

Race to the bottom

The fate of minority rights in ASEAN.

No peace without women

Female participation in Myanmar’s peace process.

Engaging young learners in rural Myanmar

How inspiration and creativity is vital for Myanmar's education system.

Decades of denial as Rohingya genocide continues

Failing in the responsibility to protect.

Marvelling at Indonesian democracy in Myanmar

Why bold reforms are critical for success.

Managing a declining threat

How to deal with ‘the face of Buddhist terror’ in Myanmar.

Why Rakhine people should embrace human rights

How overcoming a long-held antipathy would benefit the Rakhine community.

Confronting genocide in Myanmar 

Myanmar's government must acknowledge that genocide is being perpetrated against the Rohingya.

No strings attached

The enduring popularity of Myanmar’s Zat Pwe.

Moving beyond the Myitsone dam dilemma

How a historical China-Myanmar border treaty can help smooth troubled waters.

‘We are surviving without a dream’

Kachin refugees marooned in Kuala Lumpur.

Busting the myth that Myanmar is a sanctions success story

How sanctions can hinder rather than help human rights in Myanmar.

No end to war without women

Myanmar must bring women to the negotiating table when it comes to peace.

A festival of the deprecated spirit lords of Burma

Irfan Kortschak takes an up close look at Myanmar's nat pwe debaucheries.