Where Duterte’s drug war is being fought

Subnational variation in extrajudicial killings speaks to the political logic behind the campaign.

Intolerant leaders for intolerant citizens: illiberal values in the Philippines

Survey data suggest Dutertismo isn't necessarily out of line with popular values.

Philippines beyond cliches #5: Beauty

Is Pia Wurtzbach, winner of Miss Universe 2015, the contemporary articulation of Philippines beauty standards?

The escalating violence of the New People’s Army in Mindanao

Despite Manila's push for peace, the NPA shows no signs of coming to the table.

Cariño brutal: the politics of caring in Duterte’s Philippines

How does one channel an intimate politics of caring without reinforcing the practices of patronage and clientelism?

Philippines beyond cliches #4: America and development

Do Filipinos really look to America for ideas about the 'good life'?

Duterte’s enduring popularity is not just a political choice—it is also religious

Jayeel Cornelio and Erron Media explore how religious perceptions feeds into Duterte's popularity.

The worst kind of charter change

What we learn about the federalism debate from scholars of Philippine law.

Philippines: in search of a constitutional moment

An analytical summary of the proposed federal structure of government.

Abusive judicial review in the Philippines

When formal institutions designed to enforce the constitutional order are weak, the Supreme Court may reprise its role as the enabler of authoritarianism.

Constitutional reform in the Philippines: cautionary tales from Thailand

In constitution making, process matters as much as content.

Through Machiavelli’s eyes: on leaders, citizens, and Philippine politics

What are the challenges and lessons of translating Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ into Filipino?

The Mamasapano clash, memories of violence, and the politics of Muslim belonging in the Philippines

On the Mamasapano clash and the exclusionary narratives it reinforced.

Philippines beyond clichés: ‘tough on crime’

Nicole Curato talks to Clarke Jones about what the 'tough on crime' mentality looks like from inside the Philippine prison system.

IS in the Philippines and the Battle of Marawi: a new appraisal

Whatever new form of governance emerges from the Bangsamoro Organic Law, it will still confront security challenges as serious as ever.

Duterte’s war on tongues

President Duterte’s use of Bisaya is a push back against Imperial Manila’s dominance. But it is also creating new hierarchies of language of its own.

Mindanao activists never folded their banners

President Duterte's trust rating lies at 89% in Mindanao. It's time to listen to the voice of the other 11%.

How not to make fun of Rodrigo Duterte

Satirists cannot beat Duterte in his own game of telling jokes and performing in the theatre of the absurd.

Duterte’s selective human rights record

The first in our series of perspectives from young writers from Mindanao on two years of Dutertismo.

Philippine Chief Justice Sereno’s undemocratic ouster

The Supreme Court’s ouster of Maria Lourdes Sereno was not just a case of discriminatory legalism or unconstrained democracy. It is not democratic at all.

The politics of cleanliness in Duterte’s Philippines

Duterte's anti-drug and anti-loitering campaigns have weaponised a 'cleanliness' aesthetic to deadly effect.