Rebuilding Marawi, or rebuilding extremism?

Mounting Maranao frustration could cause further radicalisation after military operations end.

Winning the peace in Marawi

Extremism filled the credibility vacuum left by the Phillippine state in Marawi. Here’s what Manila can do to build a peace based on trust.

Rediscovering Rizal

The schooling system makes reading Jose Rizal a chore in the eyes of many young Filipinos. Vicente Rafael and Benedict Anderson's work on Rizal can help them to rediscover the power of his literature.

Marawi and beyond: a look at violent extremism

Preventing more Marawis means appreciating how failures of governance open pathways for radicalisation in Mindanao.

Marawi after the fighting stops

Securing military 'victory' against the Maute Group would only be the start of dealing with lingering grievances and mistrust that undermine peace-building.

Duterte’s exceptionalism and the pitfalls of military rule

The authoritarian president would have us believe military force can solve Mindanao’s problems. History shows how wrong he is.

Querying Martial Law in Mindanao

The security rationale for Duterte’s declaration of martial law may apply in Mindanao. But is it a test balloon for further authoritarian measures?

Lock them all up

New mass incarceration policies in both the Philippines and the US threaten to erode years of progress.

Tackling human trafficking in ASEAN

New convention offers progress, pitfalls and a way forward.

“There will be no peace in this land”

Can Duterte rescue peace talks?

The changing power of rumours

Fake news and online liberalism in the Philippines.

Duterte and Donald’s ctrl-alt-delete

Will resetting the US-Philippines relationship put a stop to souring relations?

Doctor, my eyes

Do eye surgeons turned politician bring unique vision to politics?

Tough year for human rights in Southeast Asia

2016 was not a good year for the region's civil liberties, writes Bridget Welsh.

The double-edged sword of social media

The role of social media in a hotly debated democracy.

Growing insecurity in Muslim Mindanao

Are the peace plan and the presidency at risk?

Who built Marcos’ tomb?

A dictator’s hero’s burial and the Philippines’ post-EDSA democratic crisis.

Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN

Are there still signs for optimism in ASEAN?

The human cost of Duterte’s drug war

Why the war on drugs needs to acknowledge the human and social dimension.

The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.

What Trump can learn from Duterte

Could the Philippines President show the US President-elect how to reform?

Duterte banks on Beijing for political gain

The political economy of the Philippines’ shift to China.

Duterte’s plan to revive Philippine democracy

Can an updated constitution empower citizens and strengthen democracy?

Online politics in the Philippines

The Internet as a sphere of contestation in Duterte’s regime.