A new chapter, but the same old story

New Thai Privy Council points to more of the same.

Post-300 baht Thailand

What will changes to the minimum wage mean for the Thai working class?

The futility of Prayuth’s war on truth

What Prayuth can learn from a thousand-year-old tale of royalty.

Thailand’s long succession

Can Vajiralongkorn deliver the stable monarchy the Thai junta wants?

Henry VIII of Thailand

Could playboy Prince Vajiralongkorn ever live up to his beloved predecessor?

Can Thailand tolerate more than one form of Buddhism?

What anti-Dhammakaya sentiment says about Thai political authorities and Buddhism.

Ritual and the demise of Thai democracy

Royal image and untold wealth leave a high price to pay for Thailand's democracy.

What next for the theatrics of Thailand?

What Vajiralongkorn's naming as King means for Thailand's political sphere.

Soul of a nation

Christine Gray explores connections between religion, finance and power in Thailand.

ANU to remember Des Ball

New Mandala invites readers to celebrate the life and career of an extraordinary scholar.

A response to the Thai government

James L Taylor offers a counter view to Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thai government responds to New Mandala article

Sek Wannamethee rebuts James L Taylor on 'Thailand's black hole'.

Second acts for Thaksin and Trump?

Sally Tyler examines the futures of two very divisive politicians.

Succession snapshot: back in black

News and views of Thailand's interregnum.

Thailand’s supreme reign

Will Thailand ever have democracy as long as it has a monarchy?

Thailand’s black hole: a Deleuzian take

Mourning and micro-fascisms in Thailand.

The return of the divine king

Has the centre of Thailand's cosmos shifted back to the palace after King Bhumibol's death?

Mourning and the Thai interregnum

New sites of symbolic battle after King Bhumibol’s death.

Thailand’s law of the mob

Lese majeste and festering cycles of forgotten violence.

The cult of a dead king 

A Thai charged with lese majeste explains why her fellow citizens are quick to attack those who dare question the monarchy.

Thailand’s peculiar interregnum

Why Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn hasn't been declared King Rama X and what the interregnum means.

Thailand’s network military?

After succession, the junta could evolve towards a regime far less dependent on hyper-royalism.

Farewell to a King

Michael Leadbetter reports on the funeral for the King of Cambodia & the passing of the King of Thailand & Lee Kuan Yew.

The spectre of succession

Royal transition and political stability in Thailand.