The Thai monarchy and Thailand’s politics

What now?

Three key developments to watch for in a post-Bhumibol Thailand.

‘Excuse me, Emperor …’

Modern monarchy in the information age.

A crown prince and German affairs

Why revealing photos of Thailand's Crown Prince are making royalists anxious.

Magic families

Trump, the Thai Crown Prince, the balcony, the stage, and the vanishing act.

Royal ink

Taking a closer look at Vajiralongkorn's tattoos and what they mean.

Succession snapshot: back in black

News and views of Thailand's interregnum.

Thailand’s supreme reign

Will Thailand ever have democracy as long as it has a monarchy?

Thailand’s black hole: a Deleuzian take

Mourning and micro-fascisms in Thailand.

The return of the divine king

Has the centre of Thailand's cosmos shifted back to the palace after King Bhumibol's death?

Mourning and the Thai interregnum

New sites of symbolic battle after King Bhumibol’s death.

Thailand’s law of the mob

Lese majeste and festering cycles of forgotten violence.

The cult of a dead king 

A Thai charged with lese majeste explains why her fellow citizens are quick to attack those who dare question the monarchy.

Thailand’s peculiar interregnum

Why Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn hasn't been declared King Rama X and what the interregnum means.

Thailand’s network military?

After succession, the junta could evolve towards a regime far less dependent on hyper-royalism.

The spectre of succession

Royal transition and political stability in Thailand.

What’s going on in Thailand?

The succession struggle isn’t over yet, writes Andrew MacGregor Marshall.

Guardian of the kingdom

What Rama IX’s passing means for Thailand’s military.

Death of a monarch or an oligarch?

Thailand's game of thrones is also a game of gold.

The lost kingdom

Royal mortality leaves Thailand with an uncertain future, writes Sam Michael.

Managing the death of King Bhumibol

Why the death of Thailand's long-ruling monarch has not translated into a clear national moment of mass grief.

Politics of the interregnum

As a historic reign ends, what reason is there for Thailand’s lese majeste laws?

Thailand’s top ten after Bhumibol

The key personalities after the reign of Rama IX.

Speaking of the succession

The long-term legacies and paralysing effects of Thailand’s harsh lese majeste laws, particularly as one reign ends and another begins.

The myth of King Bhumibol

Often called revered, Thailand's King Bhumibol was a divisive and negative force for Thailand's politics and democracy writes Lee Jones.

Thai royalist holds a portrait of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Photo by EPA/ Rungroj Yongrit.

Thailand’s succession: rolling coverage

New Mandala scours the globe for news on the succession and offers its insight on Thai royal politics.

What is King Bhumibol’s legacy?

New Mandala co-founder Nicholas Farrelly reflects on a remarkable and contentious reign.

Religion after the referendum

Why Thailand's new constitution could lead to greater religious tension and violence.

Prachatai journalist charged by junta

More worrying signs for media freedom in Thailand.

The real meaning of Thailand’s referendum

Why the country's latest constitution will be short-lived.