LIVE VIDEO: Indonesia Update Conference 2017

ANU's premier Indonesian studies event will explore the nationalist zeitgeist [re]emerging under Jokowi.

Privilege, victimhood, and gay Indonesia

A journalist's reflections on reporting Indonesia’s anti-LGBT crackdown from a position of western privilege.

Engaging young learners in rural Myanmar

How inspiration and creativity is vital for Myanmar's education system.

Thailand’s long succession

Can Vajiralongkorn deliver the stable monarchy the Thai junta wants?

A primer on the Philippines-China showdown

High stakes in court ruling on Beijing's controversial nine-dash line and South China Sea claims.

A lesson for researchers

Peter Carey’s ensnarement in the Prabowo campaign is a warning for us all, says Ed Aspinall. *Updated with added response from Peter Carey.

ASEAN’s western management infatuation

South-East Asian countries may stand independent politically and economically but they are still trapped within the syndrome of intellectual colonization.

No good buttered tea, no good work

Mixed together from yak butter, salt and boiled tea brew, buttered tea is said to be an important supplement to the Tibetan diet. Tibetans don’t care too much about the quality of tea, but care more about the quality of the butter.