1. Jake says:
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    Yes, this is a brilliant piece of writing

  2. Chris Beale says:
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    “The purpose of myth is to provide a logical model capable of overcoming a contradiction” – Claude Levi-Strauss.

  3. H Pothin says:
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    Thailand king is the greatest king in the world. His Majesty is beloved by his people for the great things he has done for his country. He was a good king and wise too. Long live the King.

  4. Justice says:
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    The biggest threat to Thailand ‘s people progressing along a more socially equitable path , appears to be at the moment , the people themselves.

    This is so true! Thank you Trumps Tower for rightly address this problem. For so many years that I have sadly witnessed Thailand has been dragged backwards both socially and economically by the whole bunches of highly educated people( they seem to proudly join . the old establish to rip Thailand apart) .It is the deeply tragic to see those people enjoyed being governed by the group of retarded generals. For Narisara , it is real pity that Thailand has lost one of its quality citizens.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Chris Beale says:

    Jimu – we’re not stupid.

  7. No name says:

    Vajira from Sanskrit vajra, meaning thunderbolt.
    Alongkorn from Sanskrit alamkarana, meaning ornament, decoration, adornment.

  8. Chris Beale says:

    You’ve certainly re-awakened my interest in cultural anthropology as a path for trying to understand what is really happening Christine. Brilliant. Congratulations.

  9. Ryan K says:

    With the passing of the king, Thailand’s day of reckoning has finally come. For decades, the corrupt Thai military has prevented the seeds of democracy from growing and have illegitimately taken control, which they have no business doing and have repeatedly shown that each time, they have made a mess of the country because they do not know how to run a country.
    It has always been under the pretext of safeguarding the monarchy and being the middle man to bring peace and calm to the dysfunctional Thai political scene. And most important, to protect their own interests and keep the status quo going.
    How long can they keep the “red shirts” from rising up? How long can they keep fooling the majority of Thais? How many more coup de tats does Thailand need to have before real changes comes to Thailand? The May 2014 coup is turning out to be unlike any other coup, esp. in terms of threats, repression, using article 112, and Article 44, that gives this junta absolute powers.
    Sadly, It will go from bad to worse from now on before people say “enough is enough.”

  10. Ryan K says:

    The majority of Thais have hoped against all hope that the CP does not become the next king. But Thailand has never had a woman sit on the throne and the King already designated the CP as the one who is to become king after his demise.
    Yes, it is absolutely abnormal, that the succession has been indefinitely delayed. It’s so obvious there is a struggle going on behind the scenes with the army as well. Unless the Prayuth and the CP are assured of the full backing of the entire Army, it is unlikely that things will proceed smoothly for them. Esp. now that a compromise was made in Prayuth appointing Gen. Sitthisart, Prem’s man, as the new Army chief.
    One must not lose sight of the enormous wealth that the CPB controls and whoever takes the throne, will most likely control that wealth, and wield enormous power. Money talks in Thailand and history has shown us, that when money changes hands, even enemies can become strange bedfellows and change loyalties. In the meantime, how this plays out and how long it drags on will only serve to drastically reduce the aura of the Thai monarchy and may even lead to its eventual demise or abolishment.

    BTW: Andrew is an experienced journalist and he has inside info. from a variety of sources, therefore what he’s said here makes sense and is applicable to what we are seeing being played out “behind the scenes.”

  11. Jimu says:

    A puzzle reflecting a lack of active engagement and academic integrity: why don’t authors use real names? Repression really works.

  12. Fantastic Bangkok says:

    Thailand does not have a King because the elite is wrangling for dominance. Each piece of this intricate jigsaw is attempting to cement its position before a potentially unpopular personality is sworn in. (The CP could yet outsmart them all).
    As is the case in other parts of Asia, the delay in proclaiming the new sovereign is smoke and mirrors concealing an afflictive tug of war hidden from the public eye while the public mourns.
    Personally I can’t see why they don’t skip a generation and bring one of the CP’s bright kids from the US. Probably it would be too straight forward!

  13. Eddie Munster says:

    Who are you talking about? Trump supporters?

  14. Chris Beale says:

    I guess Prem has appointed Thanin as President of the Privy Council to guard his (Prem’s) own position – I.e. If anything happens to me (Prem, who steered Thailand towards democracy in the past), then you get arch-reactionary Thanin (who steered Thailand away from that).

  15. Chris Beale says:

    So this ultra royalist vigilantism is now spreading from their southern Thai stronghold to Chonburi ( long a heavily ultra area, where I used to live), and even to Bangkok (where ultras might get retaliation treatment, given the capitals’ large red shirt Lao and Muslim population). Still NO reports of the ultras trying it on in Patani, Isarn and Lanna – where they highly risk being served their own dish.

  16. JohnW says:

    “a small spark will lead to a raging fire, that will result in a people’s revolution. ” I’ve seen this predicted so many times, based on so many theoretical models, by so many people. It hasn’t happened yet and – based on Occam’s Razor, isn’t going to happen this time either. There will be at least ten years of quiet military dictatorship, probably under Prayuth. It doesn’t matter any more what happens to the throne.

  17. Chris Beale says:

    So far this mob violence has only happened in the ultra-royalist stronghold of southern Thailand. It has not happened in Patani – where such ultra royalists might find they get a severe taste of their own dish. Ditto Isarn and Lanna. And even Bangkok.

  18. JohnW says:

    The royalist propaganda is surely only a minor issue? The real triumph of the system is that it produces a population – and especially an urban, ‘educated’ population – completely lacking in critical faculties. It really makes no practical difference what the royal family, the junta, or the army do at this point. They will have the loyal support of the majority.

  19. chamnian says:

    Might is right

  20. CT says:

    The witchhunt is disgusting and frustrating. I thought after the death of Bhumibol, Thai people would stop being brainwashed. But it does not seem to be that way. Things are getting worse. Many of my friends who own restaurants in Bangkok told me that last weekend restaurants were dead quiet. Normally people would come in groups to celebrate birthdays, parties etc and post pictures of their dinner on Facebook. That did not happen last weekend; many people were concerned that posting pictures of them dining out in happiness would be seen by their friends on Facebook as being insensitive to Bhumibol’s death. Many people change their Facebook profiles to black, even people whom I know for certain that they do not love Bhumibol….to avoid being “different” to the crowds.

    I witness various video clips of brainwashed mobs….it is completely disgusting and embarrassing to watch. The mentality of the brainwashed Thais. Even if I don’t know anything about Bhumibol at all, if I see these video clips of how his “brainwashed fanatics” behave, I would immediately suspect that he is not a good King like many say he is. I really don’t know how can Thais who still love him cannot see anything strange from the way his fanatics behave and start to question themselves why they are seeing this insanity from the person who is supposed to teach his “children” to be “good citizens”…