Australian National University – 16-17 September 2016

We are in the middle of a technological revolution. The dynamic capacity of the Internet to connect and transmit information—as well as the evolving nature of devices and infrastructures, owing to digitalisation— brings rapid and ‘disruptive’ changes to society. In Indonesia, digital platforms have been used to organise mass rallies, assist with election monitoring, and generally provide a space for greater freedom of opinion and expression on a variety of issues and events. Digitalisation has impacted the media industry, banks, polling institutes, terrorism networks, disaster relief and city planners, as well as education, employment, political activism, artistic production and much more.
What challenges and opportunities does digitalisation bring to Indonesian governance, politics, policy, culture and society more broadly? How can Indonesia bridge the ‘digital divide’?  Can the digital economy live up to its promise? The 2016 ANU Indonesia Update addresses these and other urgent questions surrounding ‘digital Indonesia’. It includes experts from Australia, Indonesia and around the world, from a range of disciplines, who are researching the impacts of digital technologies.

Conference Program


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Digital Indonesia Conference

The conference is free of charge. Please register to attend the conference in person at the ANU:

The conference will be livestreamed from 9am to 2pm on Friday 16 September via Indonesia Project’s facebook page:

All sessions will be audio and video recorded. The videos will be uploaded to Indonesia Project’s youTube account:, and also linked to speaker profiles on this conference page, approximately two weeks after conference ends.


The Indonesia Update has been conducted annually since 1983. It is organised by The Australian National University’s Indonesia Project and Department of Political and Social Change. The Indonesia Updates are designed to provide comprehensive overviews of developments in Indonesia, and to present wide ranging discussion on a theme of particular interest each year. They cater to an audience that includes government officials, academics, teachers, members of business and non-government organisations, students and others. An expert group of speakers from Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere is assembled each year. The Indonesia Update is structured to encourage discussion and questions from the audience. The Update proceedings will appear in the Indonesia Update series. Since 1994, the proceedings have been published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, in collaboration with The Australian National University.

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Conference Program