INDONESIA UPDATE 2017 | Australian National University | 15 & 16 September 2017

The Political Update and Economic Update sessions were live streamed at the ANU Indonesia Project Facebook page from 09:00AEST/06:00WIB on Friday 15 September. Other sessions will be video recorded and uploaded to the Indonesia Project YouTube channel in the weeks after the conference.

Today, globalisation is more complex than ever. The effects of the global financial crisis and increased inequality have in many countries spurred anti-global sentiment, and encouraged the adoption of populist and inward-looking policies. Discontent has manifested in some surprising results: Brexit, Trump, and possibly more to come. In Indonesia it has led to rising protectionism, a rejection of foreign interference in the name of nationalism, and economic policies dominated by calls for self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, human trafficking and the abuse of migrant workers have shown the other side of globalisation.

At the 2017 Indonesia Update conference, leading experts will explore key issues around globalisation, nationalism, and sovereignty in modern Indonesia. Topics will include the historical dynamics of Indonesia’s engagement with the global world, its stance in the South China Sea, and the emergence of new nationalism. Speakers will also examine nationalism in practice (for example, food sovereignty and resource nationalism) and the impact of and response to globalisation, as well as poverty, inequality, and gender issues.

Conference Program (PDF)


H.C. Coombs Lecture Theatre, Australian National University (see map below).


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The Indonesia Update has been conducted annually since 1983. It is organised by The Australian National University’s Indonesia Project and Department of Political and Social Change.

The Indonesia Updates are designed to provide comprehensive overviews of developments in Indonesia, and to present wide ranging discussion on a theme of particular interest each year. They cater to an audience that includes government officials, academics, teachers, members of business and non-government organisations, students, and others. An expert group of speakers from Indonesia, Australia, and elsewhere is assembled each year. The Indonesia Update is structured to encourage discussion and questions from the audience.

The Update proceedings will appear in the Indonesia Update series. Since 1994, the proceedings have been published by ISEAS Publishing, Singapore, in collaboration with The Australian National University.


Arianto Patunru | ANU Indonesia Project

Mari Pangestu | University of Indonesia

Muhamad Chatib Basri | University of Indonesia