Today we launch the final episode of the “р╕Кр╕▓р╕Хр╕┤ р╕ир╕▓р╕кр╕Щр╕▓ р╕Юр╕гр╕░р╕бр╕лр╕▓р╕Бр╕йр╕▒р╕Хр╕гр╕┤р╕вр╣М: Nation, Religion, King” series.

It is is now available from YouTube and is also available as a podcast from here. This episode is titled “King”. Our panel of leading academic analysts — Dr Tyrell Haberkorn, Professor Charnvit Kasetsiri, Dr Pavin Chachavalpongpun and Dr Patrick Jory — offer their views on the political role of Thailand’s royal family, on the country’s lese majeste law, and on the succession to the throne, among a range of other issues.

Thai language subtitles for this episode are also being produced and will be available soon.