26 May, 2017

Remembering Professor Joel S. Kahn

Gerhard Hoffstaedter & Wendy Mee

A tribute to the life and work of the acclaimed anthropologist, who passed away on 1 May 2017.

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"[T]he emphasis placed by liberal elites on diversity often masks social and economic inequality...The diversity of an elite is used to rationalise its existence."

Ian Wilson at New Mandala

Jakarta: inequality and the poverty of elite pluralism

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Ahok’s defeats and public debate in Indonesia

Ahok's downfall should prompt new inquiry into which institutions and networks shape popular opinion, and how.

Holy places and unholy politics

Ahok's support of an Islamic pilgrimage site amid Jakarta's container port illustrates the intricacies and paradoxes of Indonesia’s politics of religion.

Ahok is not Jokowi

There's ample reason to expect Jokowi's 2019 campaign will prove resilient to right wing populist opposition.

Ahok’s satisfied non-voters: an anatomy

There are warning signs for Jokowi in the importance of voters who were happy with Ahok's performance but voted against him on religious grounds.

Class dismissed? Economic fairness and identity politics in Indonesia

Exit polls from the Jakarta election are a good starting point for thinking about the nexus between identity politics and inequality in Indonesia.


New Mandala leads the conversation on Indonesian Islam, politics, class, and society amid Ahok's downfall and Jokowi's fight for reelection in 2019.

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The allure of Joget Gamelan

Threatened by neglect and officialdom, can the great Malay tradition of Joget Gamelan make a comeback?

Pemuda PAS: vanguard of Malaysian Islamist politics

The ideological conservatism of young PAS cadres was on full display at the party's national congress.

Explaining the roots of KNU power struggles

The Karen National Union shows how internal conflicts within Myanmar's insurgencies can jeopardise the peace process.

How Myanmar’s ‘national races’ trumped citizenship

How the idea of 'taingyintha' is used to decide who does and does not belong in Myanmar's political community.

Holy places and unholy politics

Ahok's support of an Islamic pilgrimage site amid Jakarta's container port illustrates the intricacies and paradoxes of Indonesia’s politics of religion.

Indonesian Press Council fails on World Press Freedom Day

The state of Papuan press freedom is dire, despite Jokowi promising openness. Indonesia's Press Council must speak.

Oorlog (voorkeur) Beeldbank WO2 - NIOD 88146 - collectie Bob van Dijk

Digging up the Dutch colonial past

An official Dutch inquiry will confront the bloody end of the country's colonial rule in the Indies. It will also open old wounds in Indonesia.

Despotic urbanism in Thailand

How the junta's urban development plans target the poor and their politics.

Kingdom of fear (and favour)

Pavin Chachavalpongpun: Vajiralongkorn has been ruthless in consolidating his position within Thailand's ruling elite.

A science circus for Southeast Asia

How a revolutionary approach is addressing major gaps in STEM education.

Via Flickr user Ronn Aldaman, used under Creative Commons licence.

Last orders in Bangkok

The creativity, informality, and disorderliness of Bangkok's street vendors couldn't survive the junta's impulses for social control.

Film review: By The Time It Gets Dark/ดาวคะนอง

Anocha Suwichakornpong's new film haunts long after the credits are over.

R.I.P orange bajaj

The end of an era for the iconic form of transportation?


Tackling sex re-assignment surgery in Malaysia

Understanding the state’s aversion towards sex-reassignment in Malaysia.

The Aceh Party’s Defeat

The Aceh Party needs revolutionary internal change.

Malaysia’s electoral reform: more important than ever

How can Malaysia overhaul its authoritarian and corrupt political structure?

The irony of integrity

Why Phra Dhammajayo does not turn himself in.

The problem with a one woman show

Myanmar under Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD.

Cambodian youth: shaping relations with Vietnam

How can youth help enhance relations with Vietnam?

Blocking Papua from the Truth

How Indonesia continues to suppress press freedom in Papua.

Responding to Myanmar’s humanitarian crises

Jürg Montani on humanitarian action in Myanmar.

Slashing livelihoods

How poor policy understanding of slash and burn farming has impacted communities.


West Papua worries

Why West Papua remains a sore point in the relationship between Canberra and Jakarta.


Piercing the corrupt corporate veil

Can Indonesia roll its way out of another corruption scandal?

Suu Kyi’s state of denial

Silence on Rohingya issue is hard to justify. It's also dangerous.

Risk, gossip and retribution in Thailand

Skydiving, insubordination and rule under the new king.