Umaporn Sarasat kneels before the late King Bhumibol.

21 October, 2016

The cult of a dead king 

Narisara Viwatchara

A Thai charged with lese majeste explains why her fellow citizens are quick to attack those who dare question the monarchy.

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Royal transition and political stability in Thailand.


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Managing the death of King Bhumibol

Why the death of Thailand's long-ruling monarch has not translated into a clear national moment of mass grief.


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As a historic reign ends, what reason is there for Thailand’s lese majeste laws?

Thailand's PM Prayuth attends a luncheon organized by Keidanren, Japan Business Federation, in Tokyo

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Often called revered, Thailand's King Bhumibol was a divisive and negative force for Thailand's politics and democracy writes Lee Jones.

Thai royalist holds a portrait of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Photo by EPA/ Rungroj Yongrit.

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Photo: Government of Thailand/ Wikimedia commons

What now?

Three key developments to watch for in a post-Bhumibol Thailand.


Sorrow and an uncertain future

What comes next for Thailand after the death of the King?

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