27 September, 2016

Lifting US sanctions: right or wrong?

Lee Morgenbesser

The case for and against dropping economic restrictions on Myanmar.

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Time to draw the line

Why Australia must meet Timor-Leste halfway over their disputed sea border.

Monks receive alms in Myanmar.

A taxing problem

‘Duty’ isn’t enough to boost Myanmar’s tax revenue, writes Gerard McCarthy.

Photo: Phyo WP/ Wikimedia commons

Local democracy in Myanmar

New paper examines local elections and the future of decentralisation.


Time running out for Timor-Leste

Will UN conciliation end the Timor Sea dispute?


The tragedy of communal land in Indonesia

Study finds low productivity and high conflict on shared land in some of Indonesia's poorest provinces.


Behind the rifts in modern Malaysia

Malaysians are rallying behind arrogance, antagonism and illiberalism.

Buddhist monk Thailand

Religion after the referendum

Why Thailand's new constitution could lead to greater religious tension and violence.


Digital can breach the divide

Indonesia shows why digital literacy is just as important for Australia as Asia literacy.


Myanmar’s Rohingya need tomorrow’s fairer world today

Can the Kofi Annan-chaired commission chart a path to peace and human rights for the Rohingya?


Journeys without maps in Myanmar

More open politics and new technologies are putting much of the country back on the beaten path.


How human rights can win Duterte’s war

Human rights can have a place in Duterte’s war against drugs.


Four hundred years of free fall

Why the price of rice is set for a downward spiral.

Cambodian farmers planting rice. Photo: Brad Collis/ Wikimedia commons

Trapped in economic upheaval

Unskilled workers are at risk of exploitation in the ASEAN Economic Community.

Indonesia frigate

A policy without a strategy

Indonesia’s future in the Indian Ocean.


Same old wine, brand new bottle

Stumbling blocks to peace at the 21st Century Panglong Conference.


Communists and contradictions in Vietnam

The country's rulers are caught between renewal and maintaining Communism with Vietnamese characteristics.