6. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “A song request” សំណូមពរបទចម្រៀង

To reach out to their fellow people, music wishes were incredibly popular. Songs by the beloved late singer Sin Sisamouth were a clear favourite. People dedicated these songs to their friends and family members, or, as one person put it “to everyone in Cambodia who would like to relax while taking a break from farm work”.

My name is Sor Rakioen, a student who is preparing for entering the University of Phnom Penh. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the UNTAC Radio. I would like to request a song called “Windy flood” of Mr. Sin Sisamouth. I would like to dedicate this song to the family of Mr. Sek Phun, who lives in Monorom village, Monorom commune, Svay Teap district, Svay Rieng province, and who I always remember.

Along with the requested song, I would like to send a poetic text to the UNTAC Radio to circulate it through your radio program, if possible.

Lastly, I wish the UNTAC Radio director and all staff members happiness.

Text, selection, and summaries of poems: Katrin Travouillon

Translation of selected passages: Thun Theara

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