Social movements

Ways of seeing a ‘moderate Muslim nation’

As long as the global attitude towards religious issues doesn't change, and Malaysians themselves mostly stay silent on these issues, the temptation will always be to smother dissent in the ‘invisibility cloak of religion’.

Democratisation by elections and protracted transition

Elections are the means for greater democratisation in Malaysia, yet it is leading to greater polarisation.

Non-government actors advancing democracy in Malaysia

Danielle May argues the closeness of the 2013 election indicates an underlying shift in political attitudes

Haris Ibrahim denied visa by Australia

Why did the Abbott government deny a Malaysian civil society activist a visa to travel to Australia?

Opposing authoritarianism in Malaysia

Meet one of Malaysia's most prominent social activist at the Australian National University.

Behind Malaysia’s brain drain, surprise! Real people to get people talking about their experiences, motivations, hopes and dreams, for themselves and for Malaysia.

Then they came for Adam Adli

One must never fail to notice the clear pattern of authoritarian rule that runs all the way back to the founding years of the nation.

Malaysian Indians and democratisation

Putting a human face to the Malaysian Indians who are struggling for their democratic rights.

Saving Bukit Kiara

A new dawn in ecological politics in Malaysia as green activism makes a comeback and gains significant ground.

KL112 and a new Malaysian identity?

In facilitating KL112, Pakatan Rakyat have created new myths that would solidify its presence in the memories or 'imagery' of Malaysians positively.