audiopelago: a podcast about Indonesia

audiopelago 4

Guests Rain Chudori and Ivan Lanin talk about “Bahasa Jaksel” and code switching in upper-class Jakarta, and Eve Warburton and Tom Power review the first televised debate of the 2019 presidential elections.

audiopelago 3

 Guests Dr George Quinn and Bayu Dardias talk about the state of the Javanese language in 2018, asking the questions of why Indonesia’s mostly-Javanese presidents and presidential candidates seem reluctant to speak Javanese in public. Dr Eve Warburton also drops in to talk about the state of the presidential race in its early days.

audiopelago 2

Guests Eni Mulia and Dr Jacqui Baker talk about Indonesialeaks, a new investigative journalism project which has helped uncover a sensational story about alleged misconduct inside the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Dr Burhanuddin Muhtadi and Dr Eve Warburton also talk about the presidential race, and the complex politics of economic inequality in Indonesia.

audiopelago 1

Usman Hamid and Tom Power unpack the question of whether Jokowi is taking an “authoritarian turn” ahead of his campaign for reelection, and a lecture on the state of Indonesian pluralism from Sidney Jones, recorded at the 2018 ANU Indonesia Update.

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