17 June, 2024

Forgotten war in Burma, ignored war in Myanmar

Edith Mirante

International media outlets’ clichéd descriptions of the ongoing conflict are at best self-incriminating

Reclaiming Phnom Penh’s streets for citizens

On the promise of “spontaneous tactical urbanism” to renew Cambodia’s capital

Amid revolution, Myanmar’s NGOs face a deficit of donor solidarity

Relationships need to move beyond oversight to solidarity

The workers paying the price for Indonesia’s nickel boom

An industry that markets itself as socially responsible is failing in its duty to protect worker safety


Review: “On the Shadow Tracks”

“This is a book with a whole lot of heart for Myanmar and her people.”

Review: “Thai Diplomacy”

Edited interviews with Tej Bunnag provide "unvarnished insights" and "nuanced history" for students of Thai foreign policy.

Image-making as necessity in Fighting Fear II

A recent exhibition showcased Myanmar artists' responses to the coup and resistance to it.


Defection and revolution in Myanmar

For the first time, a resistance movement against military rule is welcoming and aiding soldiers who choose to join the ‘people’s side’



Ayungin Shoal and the spectre of informal international law

What an alleged gentleman’s agreement tells us about China’s vision of international law

The growing contradictions of Singapore’s HDB scheme

A notionally egalitarian public housing program has come to fuel class and intergenerational inequalities

Translating atrocity at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

The ECCC highlights some hazards of miscommunication and mistranslation in multilingual war crimes proceedings


The land moves west

Artists at the Makassar Biennale grapple with the social and environmental consequences of land reclamation.

Carl Josef Kleingrothe: capturing the colonial life of Deli, Sumatra

A look at the life of the photographer whose work captivated European audiences' looking for images of the 'exotic' Indies.

Memories of Burma’s art scene in the 1970s

Andrew Selth recalls an era of flourishing artistic expression amid heavy-handed censorship.