Philippines Beyond Clichés: Series 1

Associate Professor Nicole Curato of the University of Canberra dismantles international perceptions of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy through discussion with experts in the first half of this series.

Philippines Beyond Clichés: Series 2

Associate Professor Nicole Curato of the University of Canberra continues tackling the clichés that colour international understandings of the Philippines in the second instalment of this series.

Audiopelago Series

A podcast series about Indonesia with expert guests discussing the pressing topics of the region.

New Malaysia Series

New Mandala speaks to scholars, journalists, and activists about what will and won’t change about Malaysia after the historical 14th general elections (GE14). This podcast series is produced with the support of the Malaysia Institute at the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific.

Counting the Cost of 1MDB Series

Still plagued by major financial scandal involving a state wealth fund, is Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak on the ropes? Or will his party, UMNO, be able to ride out the storm like they have so many times in the past? These are just a few of the key questions in Malaysian politics today and examined by this expert panel in this podcast series.

Myanmar after Vote: What Next? Series

In this series of podcasts, scholars and specialists from the ANU Myanmar Research Centre provide answers for the future of Myanmar, and outline what the 2015 election results mean.

Myanmar/Burma Updates

Recordings from conferences regarding Myanmar/Burma.

20132015 | 2017.

Thailand on the Verge Video

The ANU Youtube Channel has video of four of the presentations (Farrelly, Jackson, Walker and Warr) from Thailand on the Verge held on 21 April 2010.

Cambodia on the Brink Podcasts and Videos

Discussions and videos on the authoritarianism and politics within Cambodia.

Regional responses | Civil society and the media | Lee Morgenbesser on Hun Sen

Malaysia and Singapore Update 2012 Videos

The Malaysia and Singapore Update 2012 saw the gathering of a distinguished group of analysts to discuss the dynamic political and economic landscape in Malaysia and Singapore.

The 2018 Indonesia Update Videos

A series of videos from ANU’s Indonesia Update with an expert panel.

Whither Academic Freedom in Thailand?

“Whither academic freedom in Thailand? The criminal case against Dr Chayan and four others”
Discussion recorded at the Australian National University, 23 August 2018.

Malaysia’s GE14

In this discussion, recorded at an ANU Malaysia Institute—New Mandala public forum in Kuala Lumpur on 8 February 2018, a series of experts unravel some of these themes with the latest available data and analyses.

Bridget Welsh on Malaysia’s Political Transformation

An analysis of Malaysia’s political climate and transition.

New Books in Southeast Asian Studies

Podcasts on different books regarding Southeast Asian studies analysing the writing and research.

Nation, Religion, King Series

A three-part vodcast and podcast series in which Nicholas Farrelly interviews a series of experts discuss the Thai politics of 2011.

Episode One | Episode Two | Episode Three

Thailand Unsettled Video Series

Thailand Unsettled is filmed in partnership with Prachatai, an award-winning news-site committed to accurate reporting under conditions of limited freedom of expression.

Episode One | Episode Two | Episode Three | Episode Four | Episode Seven