Hosted by the Australian National University’s (ANU) Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, New Mandala provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia.

The site was established in June 2006, with co-founder Dr Nicholas Farrelly editing and running the site until 2015. In May that year, James Giggacher was appointed as editor. Since April 2017, the editor of the site has been Liam Gammon, assisted by country editors Dr Nicole Curato (the Philippines), Catherine Yen (Thailand), and Kean Wong (Malaysia). You can read more about New Mandala’s co-founders’ reflections on the history of the site upon its 10th birthday in 2016.

Since its inception the site has devoted its attention to the politics and societies of Southeast Asia, originally focusing on Thailand and Myanmar. Over the years it focus has extended to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, East Timor and Singapore, and has featured writing from China’s Yunnan Province and Bangladesh. New Mandalaalso runs a successful book review series.

New Mandala is proud of its ongoing contributions to scholarly and popular debates, and of its pioneering role in the digitisation of Southeast Asian studies and the practice of academic blogging.

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If you have a complaint about material on New Mandala you should, in the first instance, write to editor-in-chief Dr Nicholas Farrelly ([email protected]). In most cases materials brought to the editor’s attention in this way can be quickly dealt with.