Academia.SG is an international network of Singaporean scholars aiming to promote publicly engaged scholarship about Singapore, including by encouraging debate on the systemic impediments to such engagement.

Perspectives on the Past 

Regular contributions on Southeast Asia’s history edited by members of a a research and reading group formed at the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) at the University of Sydney. (ongoing)

Changing Malaysia 

A series of essays examining continuity and change in post-2018 general election Malaysia, featuring work by Malaysian expert observers, policymakers and activists. Changing Malaysia was guest-edited by Professor Meredith Weiss with support from the ANU’s Malaysia Institute.


A partnership with TIFA, the Jakarta-based affiliate of the Open Society Foundations network, to produce the Regional Learning Hub: a forum for policy papers and expert conversation on the decline of democratic freedoms and civil society in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


“Rupture: Nature–Society Transformations in Southeast Asia” is an Australian Research Council-supported research project examining how hydropower developments intersect with ongoing processes of landscape and social change in mainland Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Correspondent Fellowships

An initiative to bring on six young Indonesian researchers to the New Mandala team as Correspondent Fellows, producing written analysis throughout the 2019 Indonesian election campaign. The project was supported by the Knowledge Sector Initiative, part of the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Near West 

A South Asian-focussed collaboration with ANU’s South Asia Research Insitute (SARI) contemplating the region through diverse lenses including history, literature, public policy, languages, economics, visual culture and gender issues.