NU factionalism on show after Anies-Muhaimin surprise

The realities of intra-NU politics defy Muhaimin Iskandar’s claim of bringing NU communities in behind Anies Baswedan.

Purnawirawan politics in Indonesia’s 2024 elections

Retired police and military officers find easy paths into politics thanks to parties' perceptions of them as vote magnets.

Carl Josef Kleingrothe: capturing the colonial life of Deli, Sumatra

A look at the life of the photographer whose work captivated European audiences' looking for images of the 'exotic' Indies.

Memories of Burma’s art scene in the 1970s

Andrew Selth recalls an era of flourishing artistic expression amid heavy-handed censorship.

A coup by any other name

A close look at the blocking of Pita’s appointment shows how conservatives are happy to cut legal corners to thwart reformist politics.

How Indonesian studies’ “brand needy” lets Australian students down

There is a strong case for supporting the study of Indonesian history and cultures in Australian universities.

Captain, striker, and the integralist state

Prabowo’s analogy likening the nation to a football team puts a new spin on old arguments that there’s no place for opposition in Indonesian politics.

Malaysia at 60: the urgency of inclusion

After six decades of federation, it’s time to bring minorities back into the vision of what, and who, the Malaysian national project is about.

Sam Yan Press and publishing as activism in Thailand

Student activists who energised pro-democracy protests are busily translating and disseminating anti-authoritarian books.

Coal, recentralisation and Jambi’s traffic hell

Jakarta’s recovery of legal powers over mining have robbed local politicians of the ability to respond to public demands to address the sector’s social costs.

Mental health as public health in Thailand

Lack of resources and public misperceptions mean that psychological services is a notable gap in Thailand’s health care system.

The political prospects of Jokowi’s sons

Central Java offers a good base for a Widodo dynasty, but tensions with PDI-P are a hurdle.