Agent Orange in Vietnam: lingering pain and injustice

In the absence of legal justice, future reconciliation on this issue will need to focus on reparative justice.

Probing the dilemma of the young people in Timor-Leste

It is time for the development process to change modus operandi from “planning for the youth” to “planning with the youth”

Watch now: The inaugural Tony and Yohanni Johns lecture by Greg Fealy

On-the-ground studies find enormous variety and behaviour that often confound the conventional categorisations of religious type.

The Kanjuruhan catastrophe: A mirror of Indonesia’s tumultuous football politics

Commercialisation and politicisation of football establishes a pseudo-modern football with corrupt mismanagement.

Surabaya’s transwomen fighting COVID-19

Despite giving up on the legislative situation that discriminates against them, Surabaya transwomen fight against it by engaging actively in public activity.

Asian Art Research Now: Postgraduate workshop

Supportive critique and cross-pollination across institutional boundaries, as well as those of geography and temporality.

Common enemy: a hollow slogan for solidarity in Myanmar to divide power between the NUG and the ethnic states, and protect sub-minorities within minority states?

Forum on strengthening primary health care in Indonesia: Lessons from COVID-19

This discussion brings together experts from the USA, Australia and Indonesia.

When to stop learning from Singapore: data, surveillance and Australian business

More data means more risk., and a system focused on control is not—it turns out—one that is particularly nimble or responsive.

When it comes to historical distortion, we cannot fight fire with fire

Brigading, cancelling, and piling on the Marcos family’s supporters have served a critical in defending historical truths.

“Let the land be”: culture, heritage, and economic development in Melaka

Lacking faith in public and private institutions the Kristang community is taking matters in its own hands.

Martial Law nostalgia and Ilocano youth: reimagining the Marcos legacy

Recounted experiences from elder generations in Ilocos clash with national facts, and young people have to choose between the two.