Indonesia’s new criminal code turns representatives into rulers

The new law isn’t the final nail in the coffin for democracy, but it’s a hammer for anyone who wants to drive one in.

The return of Anwar

Anwar has a chance to bring stability and reform, but he'll be on a short leash within his coalition and besieged by race-and-religion politics.

Malaysia’s new struggle over state power

The UMNO era is over, but its political economy model and the social conflicts it created still set the terms of the new politics.

A note from the new (old) editor

Liam Gammon edits New Mandala from 25 November 2022.

A (qualified) farewell from the editor

Working on New Mandala has been a labour of love which has motivated me to pursue my own academic work as a researcher and teacher.

Women entrepreneurs in Halmahera: quiet contributors

Within a male-dominated social structure, they face challenges running their businesses, but persist in spite of marginalising geographical, economic and cultural conditions.

Can Indonesia clean up political pollution along the Citarum River?

River pollution is not only a result of overwhelming waste, but a problem of resource capture across all levels of governance.

Bridging historical archives and earthquake hazard studies in Indonesia

Historical records complement studies of seismic hazard and are an important standalone tool for the study of earthquake hazards.

The other side of Indonesian women workers

Increased factory profits is the priority, and workers’ rights to rest, set hours and clear tasks are not protected.

Agent Orange in Vietnam: lingering pain and injustice

In the absence of legal justice, future reconciliation on this issue will need to focus on reparative justice.

Probing the dilemma of the young people in Timor-Leste

It is time for the development process to change modus operandi from “planning for the youth” to “planning with the youth”

Watch now: The inaugural Tony and Yohanni Johns lecture by Greg Fealy

On-the-ground studies find enormous variety and behaviour that often confound the conventional categorisations of religious type.