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An end-of-year note from our editor

Dear readers,

Beginning today New Mandala will be taking a break for the Australian Christmas and New Year holidays and will be back in early January. On behalf of myself and our ARTSEA series’ editor Dr Elly Kent I’d like to extend a huge thanks to readers for their support of the site in 2023, and to the busy researchers who put the time aside to write for us.

Normally in these end-of-year messages I indulge in a bit of self-congratulation and some breezy observations about the state of Southeast Asia, but here I’ll save your time and get straight to the point.

As social media sites—especially Twitter/X, but to an extent Facebook too—become increasingly annoying or unusable, we (and, from what I understand anecdotally, many other publications) have experienced a drop-off in engagement on our social media accounts.

It would be a shame if good articles don’t get read for lack of a reliable way of alerting readers to their publication, so I’d therefore appeal for your support in helping New Mandala build up a good old fashioned email distribution list, which will augment a continued presence on Facebook and Twitter/X.

You can subscribe to New Mandala by leaving your inbox in the subscription field below. In the interests of transparency: our editors (that is, me and Elly) will be able to see the email addresses, but not the names, of subscribers. We encourage you to sign up with an institutional email address if possible, so we can get a sense of the professional profiles of our core readership (i.e. government vs academia vs media, and so on). In return, we promise that we’ll keep our subscriber list completely confidential, and never use it to promote anything except New Mandala publications.

For the time being, the only option is to get every New Mandala piece in your inbox as it is published. Once we reach a critical mass of subscribers, though, we will move to give readers the option to shift to country- or topic-specific lists (say, one that features only posts on Indonesia, or Malaysia, or one that features only politics or history posts), or weekly/monthly roundups of what’s appeared at New Mandala.

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For those of you about to enjoy an end-of-year holiday, we wish you a safe and happy time with loved ones. Thanks once again for your support of New Mandala throughout the year.

Liam Gammon | the editor

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