Hệ thống Kafala và Lao Động Giúp Việc Nhà từ Việt Nam: Tham Nhũng và Nhà Báo Bị Khóa Mồm

Luật sửa đổi thiếu thốn, tham nhũng tràn lan, và nhà báo bị đàn áp ở Việt Nam khiến các chị em giúp việc nhà tiếp tục bị tổn thương bên Ả Rập Xê Út.

Forgotten art history: the art of Chinese-Indonesian women in the 20th century

Uncovering transnational and gendered experiences reveals a far richer and more multifaceted picture of Indonesian art and identity.

A new Indonesian capital city: conflict pending

Poor consultation with local residents and traditional land owners, elite links and opaque deals with concession holders leave the new capital project vulnerable.

COVID-19 and a new social contract for education in the Philippines

The pandemic did not trigger educational access issues for those living in urban poor communities; it just made them worse.

What does the US-China AI rivalry mean for Southeast Asia?

...railing against Chinese government-dominated initiatives and the Digital Silk Road is not an adequate strategy, but other countries could improve their own strategies.

The Kafala system and Vietnam’s domestic workers: corruption and a silenced press

Insufficient legal revisions, corruption and press suppression in Vietnam leaves domestic workers vulnerable in Saudi Arabia.

Unsettled Frontiers: The author’s account

States may be more adept at initiating market formation than managing the market’s unruly and uncertain outcomes, which are particularly devastating for vulnerable and minority populations.

The dynamics of political contestation within Nahdlatul Ulama’s 34th Muktamar

NU’s dependence on political influence will make it difficult to maintain neutrality and critique social and political problems.

NBSEAS “Cambodia: From Pol Pot to Hun Sen and Beyond”

Despite best efforts to fashion Cambodia into a model liberal democracy, Hun Sen and the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) have eliminated all opposition.

Erasing the untouchables: the Indonesian way

For many years the Indonesian Government seemed determined to crush the villainy. That resolve is now being questioned.

Human rights in the age of Southeast Asian extractivism

Analysing the development of Filipino, Thai and Indonesian laws and policies for the achievement of the human right to a healthy environment.

The inequities in Indonesia’s vaccine rollout

Health authorities should focus their attention on remedying the notion that vaccine side effects are more dangerous than COVID-19 itself