The first episode in the “р╕Кр╕▓р╕Хр╕┤ р╕ир╕▓р╕кр╕Щр╕▓ р╕Юр╕гр╕░р╕бр╕лр╕▓р╕Бр╕йр╕▒р╕Хр╕гр╕┤р╕вр╣М: Nation, Religion, King” vodcast series is now available here. Subtitles for this episode are being produced. This first episode is, of course, “Nation”. It features Professor Pasuk Phongpaichit, Dr Chris Baker and Dr Andrew Walker.

This will be followed by “Religion” on Thursday, 6 October, and “King” on Tuesday, 11 October. The podcast of this episode is available here.