An interesting development from (saved here as a PDF file). It is a statement in Thai and English from the “19 September Network Against Coup d’etat.” The statement says that “We do not accept the political power of the military in intervening with the democratic system, by saying that they have intervene to solve the social conflict, since we see that the political conflicts and freedom of expression under the constitution are normal in democracy.” The network invites people to express their opposition to the coup by wearing black, driving with headlights on during the day; organising discussions about democracy and “gather[ing] peacefully and openly on Friday 22 September 2006 at the water fountains, Siam Paragon (Please wear black) from 6.00 pm onward.” I am told that there are already black outfits being worn in Chiang Mai markets. (Traders report a good selling day yesterday given the enforced public holiday!)