The website for this conference – which will be held in Nongkhai and Bangkok from 22 – 28 November 2007 – has been recently launched. Readers who closely follow debates on New Mandala about sufficiency economy will find much food for thought in the site’s expanding content. Speakers at the conference will include Tuenjai Deethes, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Vandana Shiva, Dasho Karma Ura and Sombath Somphone.

According to the website:

Inspired by the example of efforts being made in Bhutan to guide development by Gross National Happiness; the indications of H.M. the King of Thailand towards Sufficiency Economy; and grassroot initiatives all over the world exploring similar pathways to overcome suffering; the aims of the conference will be:

To provide a creative platform for inspirational exchanges on transformation, revitalization of ancient culture and simplicity in the context of modernity. As well as for cross-cultural communication on transformational world views through story-telling.

To facilitate exchanges, interaction, scientific debate and networking facilitating research being done on Gross National Happiness and related issues including Sufficiency Economy; to prepare for ongoing research frameworks

To strengthen and innovate effective approaches and supporting networks inducing tangible results towards the improvement of people’s happiness, well-being, peace and Human Security involving all stakeholders

* NGO’s, civil society * governments and intergovernmental bodies * corporate sector, business networks and social entrepreneurs * academics and students

While recognizing genuine happiness as the (spiritual) force able to confront and alleviate suffering, as well as being the result of these efforts.