Here is another open thread for discussion of events today and tonight. There are some signs that a peaceful resolution of the immediate crisis may be possible.

Some other updates and information that I haven’t had time to post. I will add to this as the evening goes on.


A reader has sent this links to translations of two very moving obituaries/memorials of ordinary people killed on the 10th and 15th, recently posted on Prachatai English.

1. Chaithawat Tulathon’s memorial to Kaneung Chatthae. He was a Chula security staff who died during the crackdown at Khok Wua intersection. The piece is very sharp on the social milieu of ‘someone like Kaneung.’

2. Panithita Kiatsupimon’s obituary of Samaphan Srithep, 17 years old. He’s the guy in the shocking photo which circulated over the weekend. The figure in blue lying sprawled on the pavement at Soi Rang Nam.

Sydney Morning Herald articles on the monarchy

Two important articles in the Sydney Morning Herald that discuss the Thai monarchy: here and here. The first, by Peter Hartcher on Thailand’s “scheming king”, is one of the bluntest assessments of the monarchy I have seen in the international press. In the print edition it is accompanied by an extraordinary cartoon/caricature of the king (looking very stern in yellow, against a smoke filled red landscape). I understand that the article has prompted a furious response from the Thai Embassy in Canberra. More on that tomorrow.


For those of you who prefer New Mandala in French, here is a translation of our recent “fatal flaw” article.

Lost in translation

A compelling, but misunderstood, critique of the international press is available here. Here is the opening salvo:

Recently, many so-called “journalists” have made me seriously reconsider their agencies as a source for news which support my worldview. According to a Dusit Poll, 51% of Thais feel that international news networks are obviously biased and in the pay of terrorist fugitive former caretaker prime minister Thaksin, whereas 12% feel they are accurate and unbiased. 26% were neutral on this issue.

Now that you have insinuated that the handsome and reasonable statesman His Excellency Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva came to power illegitimately and should think about testing his mandate at the polls, or at least stop shooting people who suggest such a course of action, many of your reports have now been called into question.