This brief article from The Nation has already been posted by one of our regular commenters, but it deserves a more prominent billing:

A combined unit of 20 soldiers and 10 policemen Friday conducted a search on a home of a former Thai Rak Thai MP in Kamphaeng Phet and seized materials for the anticharter campaign. “The search was deemed necessary following a tipoff that Waipoj Apornrat used his home as a base to sway referendum votes to defeat the charter,” Maj Narongchai Charoenchai of the Fourth Infantry Division said. “I allowed the search as proof that I harbour no illintentions,” Waipoj said. Authorities took T shirts, documents, banners and recorded speeches opposing the new constitution and encouraging a “vote no” in the August 19 referendum. Waipoj expressed hope that the materials would be returned to him once they were found to have no malicious contents.

Are people free to campaign against the draft constitution or not? Or is the intention of distributing 20 million yellow-covered copies throughout Thailand just to signal its royal endorsement?