Detail from the cover of Andrew Selth's select bibliography. Image supplied.

Detail from the cover of Andrew Selth’s select bibliography. Image supplied.

New edition of Andrew Selth’s select bibliography of Myanmar now available.

The Griffith Asia Institute, at Griffith University in Brisbane, has just released the second edition of Andrew Selth’s Burma (Myanmar) Since the 1988 Uprising: A Select Bibliography, which was first published in July 2012.

The entire book has been posted online and can be accessed here.

The new edition lists 1,318 titles, 390 more than in the first. Most of the new listings were published over the past three years. Like the first, this edition restricts itself to works written in English and published in hard copy.

They are grouped under 29 main subject headings (four more than in 2012) and 47 sub-headings (an increase of 24). The bibliography’s appendix, which suggests works to read before visiting Burma for the first time (or before undertaking major Burma studies) has also been revised and expanded.

The bibliography covers an comprehensive range of subjects and material, ranging from Myanmar’s population and ethnic minorities and the military, to travelers’ accounts and literature, just to name a few.

The latest edition also demonstrates the key interest among both scholars and the public in the country’s changing politics and economics. Unsurprisingly, there are large number of new works in this category.

The depth and breadth of this work make it a must read for all who have an interest in Myanmar; whether it be as a long-time scholar, a new student or someone traveling there for the first time.

Andrew Selth is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Griffith Asia Institute. He holds a similar position in the Coral Bell School of Asia and Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University.

He has been studying international security issues and Asian affairs for over 40 years, as a diplomat, strategic intelligence analyst and research scholar. He has published six books and more than 50 peer-reviewed works, most of them about Burma (Myanmar) and related subjects.