This afternoon I will be attending the launch of South Asia Masala the latest addition to the blog stable here at the ANU.

South Asia Masala aims to deliver a true masala of interdisciplinary analysis that spans political, economic, cultural, social, developmental and strategic issues emanating from the region.

South Asia Masala’s central raison d’├кtre is to cultivate academic debate on the region both within and beyond Australia. In doing so, it hopes to encourage a deeper understanding of South Asian people and cultures. Australia’s engagement with South Asia, especially India, is expanding rapidly and our hope is to play a role in consolidating regional expertise by inviting experts from the ANU and further afield to explore the subcontinent in a manner that is stimulating, at times even provocative, and most of all, accessible to the broader public.

They’ve got a great line-up of writers, so place them on your regular blog list.