About a month ago I light heartedly asked for suggestions on how governments in Thailand should be chosen. Given that some commentators are disillusioned with the electoral process, I thought it would be interesting to hear about some alternatives (such as the PAD’s 30% elected, 70% appointed proposal). We got a few suggestions, but no stand-outs.

In this post I want to ask for some more serious and sober input. I want to ask New Mandala readers to suggest ways of resolving the current political impasse. With political division taking on an increasingly violent complexion, it is surely time to pause and consider ways in which these divisions can be resolved.

What should happen next?

  • Should Samak and his new cabinet tough it out and wait until and election is due?
  • Should there be a new election? Now? In the near future?
  • Should Samak resign and a new PPP/coalition representative take his place?
  • Should the Democrats be given a chance to form a government?
  • Should a “government of national unity” be formed?
  • Should there be another coup?
  • What?

I am looking for specific, concrete suggestions. Not long raves about the evils of Thaksin, PAD, or anyone else. Not general exhortations to all parties to behave appropriately. But specific and focussed comments that set out how you think the political process should be managed over the next year or so.