This is an open thread for comment and analysis on Abhisit’s November 14 election offer. Here are the details from The Nation:

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced Monday night on TV that he will hold the next election on November 14 if if his roadmap to solve the political problems is not interrupted. He said the road map has five elements as following:

1) All parties concerned must join forces to uphold the monarchy.

2) The government will carry out national reform to do away with injustice in the economic and political structures. As part of the process, the government will provide good social welfare, education, health etc, as well as other things to people suffering from other plights.

3) The government will ensure that the media will function as a constructive tool.

4) The government will set up an independent committee to investigate the deaths and injuries in clashes between troops, police and protesters on April 10, at Silom and on Vibhavadi Road.

5) The government will take actions to study the public feelings of injustice regarding to political system, especially after what happened over last few years, and try to solve the problems.