On Sunday, supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) gathered outside Yangon’s City Hall to rally for the upcoming 8 November elections.

Even though The Lady was campaigning in Rakhine State, her Yangon base still pulled a strong crowd of well over one thousand people in her absence.

The feeling of solidarity was electrifying; even for those who may have been given the cold shoulder by the long-time democracy campaigner.

Even though the NLD has chosen not to endorse Muslim candidates, that didn’t seem to stop many of the city’s Islamic population from gathering to show their support.

NLD merchandise was everywhere: flags, t-shirts, stickers on faces, and bandanas wrapped around people’s heads.

People cheered and clapped as candidates took to the stage, and grooved away as the speakers ramped up the NLD campaign tunes.

Over several hours, the crowd spread to the tops of taxis and pick-up trucks. Phones were held up high aloft, to record Myanmar’s current wave of change.

Following are a few select shots I captured at the rally.

Olivia Cable is a lecturer in the Department of International Relations, Yangon University, and a research assistant in the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, the Australian National University.

This article forms part of New Mandala’s ‘Myanmar and the vote‘ series.