The Nation reports (my emphasis added):

The royal command, which was announced on TV pool at 9:29 am, states that the Council for Democratic Reform staged the coup to annul the previous charter, which was full of loopholes, so that a new charter could be drafted so His Majesty approved the interim charter pending the drafting of a new one.

That the announcement was made at 9:29 am is, again, probably not a coincidence. The report continues:

Among other things, the interim charter absolves the CDR for staging the coup.

Brilliant move. Legal genius. That will do it.

In fact, it’s all right there in Article 37. It “grants complete immunity for all actions to seize power committed by the CDRM”.

Loopholes, eh?

I guess the Generals mean things like popularly elected national leadership, regulatory institutions, the ballot box. Fair enough, we wouldn’t want those loopholes in a national constitution. And The Nation tells us that “His Majesty the King has signed the interim Constitution”.

In some cultures, the colour yellow signals something other than royal allegiance.