Here is a new publication on the war in Southern Thailand by Ji Ungpakorn and the Peoples Coalition Party.

Since the most recent eruption of violence in Southern Thailand, various governments, whether it be Taksin’s Thai Rak Thai government or the military junta, have all failed to solve the crisis. It is becoming clear that the war has reached a stale-mate.

1. Military commanders know that they cannot beat the insurgents. The only strategy that they have is to try to contain the violent situation so that it does not get any worse. Meanwhile, ordinary soldiers, many of whom are recruited from the poor villages of the North-East, have no will to fight. They care nothing about “the protection of the nation” and try just to survive their tour of duty.

2. The insurgents have become more and more efficient and coordinated. They can hit multiple targets simultaneously and hit targets outside the deep South. More and more young people in the villages are drawn to support them because of the atrocities carried out by the Thai State. Yet the rebels cannot beat the military either, because their mass base is too small.

3. Ordinary villagers live in constant fear. The Thai State’s arming of villagers only heightens the state of violence. Regular attacks occur against villagers, teachers and priests or Imams and they often cannot tell from which side these attacks originate. Villagers want an end to the violence and they want the troops and police to be withdrawn now.

The full text of this article can be read and downloaded here or here.