Anybody who has spent much time in Thailand will probably be familar with the face and voice of Andrew Biggs. He is an Australian expatriate who has used his deep learning of the Thai language and a friendly, open attitude, to build what is almost certainly the highest profile of the 100,000s of foreigners who have lived and worked in Thailand. He is the country’s most famous English teacher and has developed a stable of other publishing and presenting activities.

To have a taxi-driver in Bangkok ask, “So, do you know Andrew Biggs? What is he really like?”, is actually not that uncommon.

Since February, Andrew has been a regular blogger and keeps his fans and many students up-to-date with his current activities. He has recently been back in Australia and will soon be in Chiang Mai for the flower festival. For anybody with an interest in Andrew, or his unique perspective on life in Thailand, his almost daily updates to the blog are well worth a look.