The proliferation of specialist Southeast Asia websites continues unabated. An interesting new offering, from young Burmese-American student, Aung Htin Kyaw, has recently come to my attention.

He is just getting started but if the most recent post titled “Socialism and Modernization” is any indication then his unusual mix of personal experiences and family history will make the site worth a regular visit. In this most recent post he laments the destruction of colonial-era buildings in Rangoon and provides some great pictures and commentary to illustrate his points.

He writes, in part:

Maybe one day, when a democratic government that cares about the country’s historical heritage emerges will these buildings be preserved for future individuals to enjoy and reminisce. Sometimes, hi-rises are not the best indicators of a country’s overall prosperity. They indicate decay of history, a loss of legacy. There is nothing I can do now, except rely on my memories to imagine how my family once lived.