In this sad and depressing moment for Thailand, a group of students, faculty and alumni of the Australian National University has written an open letter condemning the latest military coup. The letter also comes with a set of satirical pictures against the military order for Thai people to “remain calm and lead a normal life”. Below is the content of the letter, and the pictures.


Open Letter in Condemnation of the Coup Launched by the National Order Maintenance Council on 22 May 2014

On 22 May 2014, a group of persons who call themselves the National Order Maintenance Council (NOMC) fomented a coup and seized power from the caretaker government. They cited the need to prevent violence arising from political conflict as the primary reasons for their actions. We condemn this action for the following significant reasons:

1. A coup is a reduction of rights and liberties. A coup is a devaluation of the intelligence, dignity, and the political learning process of citizens in a democracy.

2. A coup is a destruction of the credibility and prestige honor of the nation in the eyes of the people of the world.

3. A coup will not help solve the problem of political conflict, which has extended for more than a decade, but it will instead lead Thai society into further violence.

It is our belief that the democratic process is the only path that will help Thai society peacefully overcome conflict. The military should awaken to their correct role in a democratic regime.

Therefore, we call on the National Order Maintenance Council to return the power to the people immediately. This will enable Thailand to return to a process of democratization, in which the sovereignty belongs to the people.

Students, Faculty, and Alumni of the Australian National University against the coup