Contested waterscapes in the Mekong Region: hydropower, livelihoods and governance

Dr Tira Foran
Research Fellow, Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER), Chiang Mai University

12.30-1.30pm Tuesday 18 August
Seminar Room B, (Arndt Room)
Coombs Building, The Australian National University


Dr Tira Foran is an editor of the recently published Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance, which examines some of the most controversial hydropower projects in the Mekong Region: Pak Mun; Nam Theun 2; Hutgyi, Tasang and other dams on the Nu-Salween River. His seminar will highlight issues of irrigation development and wetland conversion from case studies of Pak Mun, Nam Theun 2, Hutgyi, Tasang and other dams on the Nu-Salween River, giving an account of how modern Mekong societies have responded to the challenges of inland fisheries management, drought and flood, and regional cooperation.