Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Australia generated much attention both in Australia and in Malaysia. Among the many damaging views that Anwar presented about the present administration, one in particular raised the ire of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). Anwar stated, in an interview with Sky News Australia, that it was an insult to Islam to say that Malaysia is a model Islamic state.

Prime Minister Najib dismissed Anwar’s view as a “lone voice” (details here). However, much to UMNO’s consternation, the Islamic party in Malaysia (PAS) — seen as the legitimate representative of Islamic politics in Malaysia — supports Anwar’s view (read here).

[Editors note: Malaysia is not an Islamic state. It is a Muslim majority nation with a secular Constitution but where Islam (and Muslims) have a special position.]

The following are some of the news articles, interviews and public lectures that Anwar was involved in while in Australia.

1. Podcast of Anwar’s lecture “Islam, Democracy and The Status of Malaysia’s Quasi-Secular State”, at the University of Sydney is available here and the ABC Big Ideas here.

2. Text of Anwar Ibrahim’s speech titled “Social Justice and Political Change in Malaysia” at the Australian National University (read here). Video to follow soon.

3. Anwar’s interview with Linda Mottram, Radio Australia News. Anwar says Australia shouldn’t shy away just because it fears being at odds with other countries (read/listen here or here)

4. Anwar speaks to Geraldine Doogue on ABC Radio (listen here).

5. Anwar pleads for support (read here).

6. Report on Anwar’s visit to Australia on the Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s webpage (read here).