Articles by Dahlia Martin, Guest Contributor

Puteri, wanita, … dan UMNO

Malaysia is placed in the bottom quarter of the gender gap index. Has this anything to do with how UMNO views the role of its women members.

Ties that bind: Sarawak and Adelaide

A practical case of Australia in the Asian Century. How will the University of Adelaide manage this conundrum?

Malaysian women parliamentarians: why the different numbers?

The lack of concern on these numbers is indicative of how ingrained our belief that women’s issues are trivial.

One extra woman in Malaysia’s parliament

Dahlia Martin analyses the performance of women candidates in GE13

Women’s vote in Malaysia

Women voters, in the majority, but under-represented.

Comprehensive electoral reforms in Malaysia

Tindak Malaysia, a community based electoral reform group provides the most comprehensive electoral reforms to date in Malaysia.

Women voters: courted – yes, respected – no?

Women are a focal point in Malaysian politics today, with some recent discussion of their ability as voters to decide election outcomes. But this has not translated into their increased representation at a political level.