Articles by Tom Power

Jokowi’s authoritarian turn

Once hailed as the saviour of the democratic status quo, Indonesia’s president is now busily degrading democratic norms.

Cashing in

Jokowi’s second reshuffle is a win for the president’s loyalists and financiers.

Is there an ideological cleavage in 2014?

There are some real ideological differences between the two presidential campaigns in 2014.

Anger Management

On-camera meltdowns can be a good way for Indonesian politicians to project a reformist image and win some free publicity.

Why were the polls wrong about Islamic parties?

Tom Power says Indonesia’s Islamic parties remain viable political entities and cannot be written off lightly

PDI-P struggle for presidential threshold

Tonight represents a disappointing result for Megawati's party, writes Tom Power.

Hot on the hustings–Indonesia’s ‘caleg cantik’

An increasing number of celebrities standing for parliament is a side-effect of quotas for female representation in politics.