Articles by Sophie Lemiere

Book Preview: Illusions of Democracy in Malaysia

A new edited volume grapples with what it means to study a country caught between democracy and authoritarianism.

Peeling back the layers of Pekida

Sophie Lemiere argues the ties between the underworld and politics in Malaysia have never been clearer.

In Malaysian politics, keep calm and amok on!

How youth, prejudice and mob violence go hand-in-hand with politics.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta or civil society?

Sophie Lemiere argues that "gangsters" are now embedded into Malaysia's political system.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta beyond stereotypes

In Part 3, Sophie Lemiere analyses the organisational structure of Pekida.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta through the years

In Part 2, Sophie Lemiere traces the history of Pekida.

Gangsta to the roots: A Gangsta’s paradise

Sophie Lemiere explores the nexus between UMNO and gangsterism in this four part article.