So, today I learned that Noam Chomsky has come out and endorsed the moral case for an armed uprising against the Burmese military government. And The Irrawaddy‘s Kyaw Zwa Moe has added tentatively that:

Armed struggles have had an impact on Burmese politics in the past–positively and negatively.

If an armed uprising could be sustained–one which focused on the freedom of people–it could put pressure on the junta to some extent. It might even move the country’s political scenario into a more positive, productive path. If there is a moral justification for an armed uprising of suffering people as Chomsky said, the question is now: Is it time for a new armed uprising?

A number of regular New Mandala commentators, and here I am thinking of the Tom Blemings and Jack Slades of the world, have long made plain their public support for making war in Burma. Has the idea of a popular uprising, backed by force of arms, now come out for its moment in the July sun? Armed uprising; freedom of people; positive, productive path — what do readers think? Is speculation on this scenario unreasonable? Or is there something to be gained by asking “what if”?